Our Services

We offer specialised services in:

Creative thinking & design

Design gives two-thirds of society (68%) a sense of belonging.

Let’s bring a sense of belonging to your brand.

We develop visual designs that represent ideas our clients want to communicate.


Graphic design for your brand identity(logo), Company profile, Business documents, Advertising materials, Marketing and communication campaigns.


Digital & Social Media Marketing

88% of businesses use content marketing in their strategies. Thats our kind of strategy.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions – product placement, trade marketing and promotional strategiees, product launch services using the latest digital and social media platforms for our clients

We develop good online marketing strategies that are valuable for your business.

We offer this essential service – digital marketing for your market to know about your brand and the products and services you offer. We want your business to be successful.



Communications / PR

70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads. With us, your clients get to know the people behind the brand.

Terracotta Moon develops public relations strategies that work for you and your organisation. When your marketing budget is strained, communications is the one thing your organisation cannot do without! From endorsements, media placements and planning.

Terracotta Moon is your strategic partner who assists clients successfully talk to and with their audiences.


Photography, Videography & Event Coverage

Professional event coverage is proven to increase brand association in a scalable way.

Let’s capture the best life and live experiences of your events.

We make your events a success of branding and sharing that goes beyond the hashtag.
Showcasing photos captured and shared on a live feed or social display wall is a great way to excite attendees and encourage others to engage by taking photos and sharing them online.
Our event coverage engagement builds excitement providing you with lasting memories through photography, videography and post-productionoptimized for social media and other digital purposes.


Corporate Events & Conferences

74% of product or service users become regular customers after an “experiential” event.

Terracotta Moon Events has a proven track record of producing signature events. We have worked with corporates, privately held enterprises,and start-up boutiques.

We have designed and produced conferences, conventions, celebrations,grand openings, product launches,corporate holiday parties,executive dinners and quarterly events.

We transform unexpected spaces into masterpieces of design and uninspired productions into experiential programs is what we do best.
We work with an excellent network of vendors who deliver their services with professionalism, attention to detail,and the creative ability and customer services kill stores pond to event and client needs as they arise.


Social Events

79% of people rank events as an important aspect of their business.

Let’s make life’s experiences important.

Terracotta Moon Events specializes in producing seamless,sophisticated and memorable Corporate social events including:
1. Dinner parties,
2. Anniversary parties,
3. Game nights
4. Team building
5. or Just any feel good event
We can design events for you that exceed your expectations and that allows you to not only enjoy your party but to host those who mean the most to you hustle free so that you and your guests have the time of your lives.
We understand the significance of special events in your life–we guarantee you memories for life!